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  • Hotels
  • Luxury Residences
  • Country Clubs
  • Corporations
  • Private Clients

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  • Fitness Classes
  • Adult & Children's Activities
  • Personal Training
  • Team Building Events



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Corporate Team Building

Why Hotels Should Offer Finesse Fitness & Activities


Create The Experience

Our South Florida landscape is inundated with hotels. The FCW Fitness and activities program allows your hotel to stand out from the rest.

The extra value our program brings has proven to decrease resort fee complaints and refunds by more than half. In addition, this has created happier front desk teams as they have more time and are dealing with satisfied guests.

Our signature method of obtaining 5 star reviews for the properties we work with, has had lasting effects on our hotel partners and has been credited in part for taking partners that were ranked in the high 60”s to rankings of low 30’s.

We are able to build a significant rapport with guests and obtain these reviews right at the end of our sessions. In today’s world, the importance of these reviews cannot be under estimated as most travelers will make their decision based on reviews. This in turn increases both occupancy and room rate


Be Different

Be a GAME CHANGER and give your guests a reason to come back!

With Finesse you have the opportunity to provide more than just Fitness. With so much competition out there, of course you want to be remembered. The Finesse offerings  can add value to a location and really set it apart. With such a wide variety of activities offered, which include mindful zen like practice,  High intensity action, Zany Fun experiences and everything in between, we work with you to customize a program that is best for your location and that can ebb, flow and evolve throughout the different seasons.



When you look at the cost to hire, train, and supervise an employee, your cost comparison starts to become obvious and weighs favorably towards collaborating with the fitness experts. In addition, throw in the consideration of ongoing training and supervision, potential turnover, and statutory costs related to employees, you will find that partnering with an expert staffing agency like Finesse Corporate Wellness provides significant value. 

Finesse Corporate Wellness

  • Specializes in activities for Adults, Children and Families. We provide a customized fitness & activities program, that delivers outstanding results  
  • Provides Instructors that are fully certified and extensively trained in both their respective activities & fitness disciplines, as well as for the hospitality industry, and are committed to exceeding our clients expectations.
  • Operates seamlessly with our hotel partners, using the hotel brand and look.

About Us


Finesse Corporate Wellness is a fully outsourced partner for the luxury hotel, corporate market and private VIP client


Offering tailored fitness and activity programs for hotels, luxury residences, corporations and individual clientele, we are committed, through passion and innovation, to enhancing the guest experience by providing cutting edge classes and activities that relax the mind, empower the body, renew the spirit or simply offer an amazingly fun time. FCW believes in building strong relationships with our partners to better understand their needs and expectations.  This understanding allows us to create customized programing  that will deliver an unparalleled level of guest satisfaction and ensure your property or corporation stands apart from the rest   


Knowledgeable Training & Expertise

FCW offers activities for Adults, Children and Families. With over 20 years of experience in both the fitness and hospitality industries, we have created a synergy. We provide a fitness and activities product that emphasizes guest satisfaction and outstanding customer service. Our fully certified instructors are extensively trained in not only their respective activities & fitness disciplines, but we also personally groom them for the hotel and luxury residence market, hence they are equally committed to exceeding our clients and their guests expectations. Corporate Fitness is something Employers are also beginning to understand the benefits of. Employees can be a company's biggest asset. Providing an in house fitness program creates not only a more loyal workforce but a more productive one too.


Why should you offer a Finesse Corporate Wellness Program?

In recent years, hotels have listened to the demands of fitness-minded-travelers. 53% of road warriors say they always or often exercise on the road, with 52% calling the hotel gym their preferred workout locale. According to a TripAdvisor survey, hotels are upping the ante on their fitness offerings. While fitness centers are nice, hotels are now seeing the need to pull out all the stops to help guests stay fit, healthy and active.



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