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”Kimpton Surfcomber Hotel and Jay Jiggins (Finesse Corporate Wellness) has had a long relationship with yoga classes. This year we wanted to expand our offerings at the Surfcomber and take advantage of the incredible lush backyard we have and the perfect partner for this was Jay. She brainstormed with us to get a clear understanding of what we wanted, needed and fit the hotel’s brand and came up with a highly curated and extremely creative offering. Jay and her FCW team have now become an extension of the Surfcomber family and have had an irreplaceable impact on the guest experience. The variety of activities that her company provides cater to all ages and her team is driven to ensure maximum participation and maximum enjoyment. We are excited to continue the partnership as we enter the cooler months in Miami.- Mohan Koka, General Manager, Kimpton Surfcomber Hotel

I have been doing personal training with Jay for 2 years, and I could not be happier. My level of fitness has improved immensely, and so did my health.

When you find the right trainer, it is like finding the right doctor. You can trust that they will improve your life quality.

Jay is a loving, caring, kind, dedicated, motivating and very inspiring person. Her deep knowledge, combined with her love for what she does makes her an excellent trainer. Because of her efforts, I am stronger, more flexible, have much more energy, and most importantly, working out has become fun.

The results I have achieved comes from Jay's perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualized exercise programs, and goal setting. Thank you Jay, for keeping me in shape and healthy! - Michelle Naves

Jay and her team have been my steadfast personal trainers for the past 3 years. I remember our initial consultation during which we set goals, expectations and commitment to results. I had decided on training 3 times per week and rated my personal commitment at a 9 on a 0-10 scale. Nobody's perfect....

Jay was very honest in saying that I should expect to see results between 4-6 months, more defined changes between 8-10 months and a toned body by month 12. And she was right!!

This simple yet important fact was the missing piece to all my previous failed training efforts. In essence, I was choosing to make a lifestyle modification, not simply starting an exercise routine and jay would be there along the way.

Nutrition and stress management have also been important components we have been discussing since the beginning. Her Knowledge of body mechanics and posture have also been amazing resources and of immense help for those days when you just are not up to a hard core weight session.

Jay is tough, yet gentle. She know's when to push and when to give you a breather, but most importantly is her positive energy, always happy to welcome me to my next session. -Paula Lowenstein

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